Nano@Singur Episode: Is it end of Ego War?

West Bengal’s typical style and intensity of agitation may take away the golden opportunity for Kolkata, more correctly Singer to become the largest auto-making hub of Eastern Indiawith Tata Motors’ official declaration of its ‘working on a plan to shift the small-car plant and people to an “alternate” site, stopping one step short of executing Ratan Tata’s pullout threat’.

I fail to understand why Mamata didn’t talk to Tata Motors directly, when Ravi Kant wrote a letter appealing her. But then again why Ratan Tata couldn’t have met Mamata? Why didn’t Tata Motors with all expertise in management and negotiation ask Mamata and Buddha Babu to let it talk directly to those who owned that 400 acres of land? Perhaps unless one of the parties would have played a role of villain, Tatas would have own over the farmers or those involved in that 400 acres land. What were they afraid of? Even if they had failed, it would have made them understand the problems clearly and created a better image.

I also fail to understand why Tatas didn’t give a time limit to the agitators and the government to get the issues sorted out after which it would be free to decide the step in the interest of the company. After all it can’t wait for infinite time to get Mamata ego-based agitation to end.

But why can’t Buddha Babu in interest of the state walk up to Mamata and discuss the consequences when Tata Motors have officially decided to find alternative location? It would have made Mamata eat her pie. Let her understand that the people of West Bengal will not excuse her for the loss of Singur even in election.

It is true that Singur could have become another Gurgaon that is what it is today because of Maruti Udyog.

I wish all newspapers national as well as local of all languages published the total statement of Tata Motors to reach the people of West Bengal. The statement explains the background for the decision for going to alternate plan. But it would have given a chance to the agitator by giving a timeframe of 24 or 48 hours to lift the agitation.

Thanks to Tatas, the politicians and their followers in West Bengal may get a lesson of life. Let them understand that they can’t keep on deciding the destiny of every action of the Indians.

According to the last report, an urgent meeting may materialize today in which Mamata, Buddha, and either Ratan Tata or the senior executive from Tata Motors may find a solution for Nano@Singur in presence of the West Bengal Governor. If it happens that may be the last chance for Mamata to show her maturity and if I call it her magnanimity or statesmanship to evolve her as responsible political leader. However, unless the West Bengal shuns its typical style of agitation that too fast, Tatas may be risking making Singur the mother plant for manufacturing Nano.

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