Farmers or Mamta: Voices from Singur

Who says Mamta represents the farmers’ voice? As reported, farmers said,

“Didi should have agreed to (Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee’s) talks proposal. She made a mistake – there is no harm in holding talks.”

“If the government can provide a job for my son, we can think about its proposal. How long can we live in uncertainty?”

Who says Mamta bothers about the people at large? Why should an expressway serving as bloodstream of the country’s economy be blocked causing problem and loss for truckers and drivers and ultimately inflation when she is not ready to talk with the government?

Let us hear what the truck drivers say,

“Nearly 80,000 drivers and cleaners in 20,000 trucks have been spending sleepless nights without food and water on the road since August 24. We will incur a loss of Rs 200 crore as goods in the trucks have already perished.”
“We will request the leadership to open at least one lane of the expressway.”

“HM needs 2,800 machine parts to manufacture a car. Many trucks carrying these machine parts are held up in Durgapur and Asansol areas. We will keep two of our business units closed tomorrow. We hope the Durgapur Expressway will be open to traffic soon.” The factory of Hindustan Motors near Uttarpara has suspended work and has asked its employees not to come.

But Mamta is authoritarian and autocrat. Her lone voice is supreme. She threw out Ajit Panja and others who wished to raise independent voice. And people support her and all this because of their disenchantment with leftists. Mamata is resorting to same way of getting her demand as leftists did in past. She is still not showing any hint of yielding:

“We will put up road blocks across the state for two hours from 3pm on Friday. This is our way of protesting against the government’s refusal to return 400 acres to farmers.” “The entire state should know what sort of suffering the unwilling farmers of Singur are being put through by the state government.”

“Either Nano rolls out and agriculture stays or Nano stops rolling but agriculture stays.” “I have pointed out that I am ready for talks, provided 400 acres are returned to the unwilling farmers.”
Buddha is ready to negotiate and give everything but the 400 acres of land.

Buddha is still hopeful. “We are ready to give a package to those who have no livelihood.” “It is not possible to bypass political parties. A good number of them (landowners) are absentee landlords. Some of them don’t have papers. But a few of them are opposing politically. So it has to be resolved politically.”

The work at the construction site of Tata Motors has slowed down significantly and there is hardly any chance of getting the plant operative by September end or before Durga Puja as announced earlier. Workers and also officers are scary to enter the plant. Those inside are afraid of revenge action in future by Mamta’s party men or goons. For the spectators from far and near, it is a big Indian Tamasa. However, many domestic or MNC competitors must be happy seeing Nano getting delayed right at birth as inauspicious beginning. Media abroad is full with this news. Business Week has covered the story.

Mukesh Ambani is the only who have come out against the Mamta’s agitation as harmful for India. Mukesh boldly and very rightly considers ‘Nano’ Project as one of national importance.

I have only one question if the state police can handle the protesters in Kashmir or Jammu and treat their action of law and order as serious, why can’t Mamta’s action be treated as anti-national, obstructive and against the interest of the country? Why can’t she be put behind bar for getting the supply line of the country choked? And what Buddha is afraid of? At least Singur will not bring any sympathy even from the voters for Mamta.

Now perhaps the people of the country must understand and appreciate that this old way of protest will not only make big FDI in India unattractive but it will also lead to investment drain with most of the Indian industrial houses going abroad in the era of globalization for investment. Let people decide if India is ready for a big role in world economy with its brand of politicians?

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