West Bengal: Mam(i)ta(i) Vs. Budd(ha) and Nano

Politics of West Bengal is not comfortable for me. Congress unless merged with Mamta is not a force that the Left cares. Mamta Banerji is celebrating her party’s emphatic victory in all the zilla parishad seats in Singur and Nandigram. However, the victory is because of the local issues that didn’t extend to the rest of West Bengal that has remained in tact with leftists.

To be frank, I don’t like this lady. She is no better than Mayawati, if not worse. However, I appreciate her fighting spirit. She is the only one who can bring a political change in West Bengal that is essential for the state to get a necessary break from the leftists. However, her statement regarding Tata Motors’ project in Singur after her electoral win is dangerous for the country.

A visibly charged Trinamool Congress chief asserted on last Wednesday, “It is high time the Tatas wind up their car project in Singur. People of Singur have given a clear verdict towards our fight against the forcible land acquisition in Singur.” Is it a statement of a mature politician with aspiration to rule a state like West Bengal? And this is her problem. Why should a project like one getting set up for producing a globally acclaimed car that can change the world by Tata Motors, be affected? On a similar line, Maywati reversed all the decisions for many essential projects of Mulayam’s government. But it was not that Mulayam didn’t do the same when he had taken over from Mayawati.

I am not a fan of Buddha either, but I certainly back his mission of the rapid industrialization of the state. I love the aggressiveness of Buddha to bring out a visible change for development in West Bengal. It is the penance for all the wrongs the leftists and its union did in the state that made all key factories to close down and the industrialists to run away. And why shouldn’t I? I had some bad memories of West Bengal just because I was not born as Bengali. But I still adore the state where I spent my early childhood and the prime period of my career.

Mamta’s statement is just like one, the leaders of CPM in West Bengal used to make when in late 60s Congress was the ruling party there.

Unfortunately, Mamta don’t believe in taking advices from a group of experts and intellectuals that she must create to discuss key policy issues to be followed by her party. Mamta has been successful in creating a grassroots level cadre as the leftists have. But Mamta’s cadre will have to be stronger than that of leftists. Leftists will not allow Mamta to live in peace, as it is obvious with the violence against her party workers that the leftists have already started. And the leftists in power do also get the full support of the government machinery. For reaching the level-playing situation, Mamta must come in power at least for one term.

The entry in Writers’ Building is still a mirage for Mamta. But with her win in Singur, Tata Motors must have an alternative strategy for its manufacturing plant at Singur or must develop some strong informal link with her, if it is not having one. It will be essential to avoid the problems that may be created by her men, many times, even without her knowledge. I express my apprehension, as Nano’s success is very important for India’s manufacturing sector.

Let some good sense prevail on the lady and she stops causing obstruction to the industrial projects for a popularity gain.

Let Indians get its people car without political troubles at home, if not the flying autos of tomorrow.

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