Disaster Management – China vs. India

The Chinese have remained a suspicious lot and undependable since their treachourous1962 invasion, pushing me to hate them and any thing that is Chinese. I get angrier every time I learn about China’s offensive preparation and gesture against India. Latest is more shocking. Unfortunately, China has more worrying news for India. Latest satellite pictures have identified a large area in central China with 58 launch pads for nuclear-capable ballistic missiles apparently targeting north India. I get more worried rather annoyed after reading recently many propounders of Chindia with dream to rule the world with complimentary endeavours.

However, the Chinese always keep on doing something that can be a lesson for all the countries. I like many may doubt the number of causality in the recent devastating earthquake. The authoritarian rulers might be providing lower numbers. But the story of Chinese premier Wen Jiabao is just exemplary. As reported, “Wen, in an unprecedented move, personally directed rescue operations for over 50 hours in the midst of the disaster zone. His presence made a huge difference when it came to mobilizing forces and keeping up the tempo of rescue operations.” One reason for the slow rise of the death toll was the focus by the machinery on saving lives instead of recovering bodies. Wen Jiabao has ordered to never give up hope of saving people trapped under debris. And then President Hu Jintao took charge of directly overseeing relief operation.

Will our politicians and administrators take note of this? Can they follow this example of leading from the front instead of exercising their rights to keep on criticizing and blaming the opposition even in situation demanding sobriety? Can they drop their official paraphernalia and get into action to help the victims? Can the people of India learn some lessons and change the system to get able and qualified people to head the government?

Unfortunately, it exposes one more problems of our system where mostly old and invalid become the premiers, unlike that in China, where most of the ministers are young and qualified; many of them are engineers. How can one expect the same efficiency, agility and hard work from an above-70 person that a person of under-50 years of age can provide?

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