Shocked and Ashamed

The whole Bihar must be under a shock and many like me must be ashamed too, as by destiny we are from Bihar. How long can the well wishers wait to stop getting the humiliating stories of feudal sick mentality and exploitation of the commoner?

I had been requesting our CM, who may be a gentleman to be ruthless. It would have been easier for him to be so if he could select an outsider belonging to a class of Gill or Kiran Bedi, or Rebiero to head the police administration. But perhaps he has his own political constraints and limitations. However, this is an opportunity lost forever even for him and certainly for the state.

Last summer I was in Patna and I asked every one I came across why the construction boom has not touched Patna when it is changing the face of the country all over. I know the answer now from a press report in TOI. “Such is Anant’s terror that his mere gaze at a building sends shivers down the occupants’ spine. The other day he was driving through in his Mercedes when he stopped by a building and got out – almost simultaneously the cops got a phone call with a quavering voice at the other end complaining that Chhote Sarkar was looking in the direction of his house. ”Usually, he gets the building his eyes rest on,” said an upscale Fraser Road shopkeeper.” And this don is an MLA of the ruling party. As the report says, he runs a parallel government, and keeps his own army. He claims to be the icon of an influential caste with Brahminical background but perhaps cursed to live a life of Ravana. Unfortunately, there is no Rama incarnated till now. By owning him the caste as whole gets degraded. As it happens, Anant Singh is pretty near to Nitish Kumar. I wish this were not true.

How can one think of development and investment to come with this sort of mafia strength in a state? Perhaps this is the answer to the question I keep on asking: “Why are the hundreds of proposals for the new projects of factories and colleges that the new government has approved, are not getting started?”

Nitish Kumar must use the revelations from media as tool to weed out the unlawful activities ruthlessly through the fast track courts. And I only wish that media is not partisan in its reporting. Let us remember it is the same class of people who enjoy the dances of the bar girls before the rally or kill Reshma. Bihar must get rid of that mentality by perhaps making the second rung political leaders and their followers to undergo an intensive training under gurus such as Ramdev or Ravi Shankar. I find media showing special likings for Laluji even when the roots for all the present maladies go back to his reign. The media covers Lalu’s ‘Chetawwani’ rally or may be ‘raillaa’ with lot of spicy stories rather than the endeavours of the present government to make things right and take the state on the path of development with so many good educational initiatives in the state.

If Nitish fails to crush these dons, he must confess and declare his helplessness publicly so that the people of the state can retire and take it as their destiny.

I get reminded of Late poet Dinkar’s urging the almighty (if He is there) to send back Arjun and Bhima. We need many Ramas, as Ravanas are large in number. Will they come and save Bihar?

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