Life at 68

I normally wake up anytime between 3~4AM, but try once at least to sleep for some more time. However, generally I can’t sleep and so get up. This has been the routine for years. Following the advice of some well wisher, I take four glasses of water, and sit on my laptop. While the laptop opens my settings, I go through some slokas from Upanishads and Gita.

The screen starts with CNET news. I surf through newspapers (as some chief minister does) and some magazines on some days. My newspapers are: Mint, Business Standard, Financial Express, Business line, Hindustan Times, Telegraph, Times of India and then naturally and It is really painful that none of the newspapers from Patna has any e-paper edition. On Friday and Saturday, there are weekly magazines such as Business World, India Today, Business Today, Outlook, Business Week and Economist to go through. Some odd ones get in and out off my list. In between I go for toilet and teeth brushing too. This continues till 6~6.30AM when I leave the laptop and prepare my favourite ‘masala’ tea. Yamuna joins me for tea near the lobby. I love to sit most of the time in the lobby as I find myself nearer to the outside world by sitting there. Thereafter, Yamuna gets busy in her exercise and yoga. I leave for my 5 km- walk as advised by my cardiologist. It has kept me going. Normally, I go up to sector 40, or some times for a change to sector 50. The walking track of both the parks is sufficient to complete my routine walking task in five rounds. I buy milk and curd from Mother Dairy, and vegetables and fruits from Safal. Sometimes, I buy some other essential items of grocery too, as the shops in Sector 40 open pretty early to cater to walker.

As a religious and now old man too, I have been doing every day ‘masaparayan’ of Tulsidas Ramcharitmanas, however, without any rituals, for many years now. It gives me a lot of peace. I really enjoy doing that. For the rest of the day, the companions are newspapers, magazines that I have subscribed, and books. Last week, I bought two books- ‘The Indian Mutiny’ by Saul David and ‘The Rise of India’ by Niranjan Rajadhyaksha.

Sometimes I sit on lap top again either to talk with my sons and the family in USA. Anand expects us to be in regular touch. With video camera, we get a feel of proximity. We could enjoy Emma’s yawn on screen the other day. She appeared so near that I felt like touching her on the screen of the laptop.

While I enjoy taking a nap after the meal at around 1PM, I rest a while whenever I feel like. I come to know of it when the body and mind send notice demanding it. And I confess I hate taking medicines and going to doctors.

I hardly socialize. However, there are five families that are close to us. They come and we do also visit them sometimes. They all good persons and I cherish their company.

Yamuna, my wife remains the only companion in thick and thin, when we are alone now. I don’t know if I wished for this life, but there is a lot of excitement left even in this simple life. I am waiting for someone this week who has a big project of manufacturing in mind. He has sought my help. I still feel like trying once more to get a kick of it.

I don’t know if it is destiny that makes us live this wonderful life the way it is today. But He has been kind all along and hope He shall remain so for the rest. ‘Om Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah…’ ‘Tamaso maa jyotirgamaya..’

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