Maya the Master, Daya the Devil

Proud Parent

Maya: For the whole day yesterday April 13, 2007 and even today, Maya and Daya occupied the major time of the TV News channels. In this great democracy, Maya is in the topmost chair of governance in UP, the most populous state of the country. They say Mayawati has mastered in the ‘social engineering’, a term that has become very popular recently. She is making the traditional social structure hierarchy to undergo re-engineering. For the first time, the structure is getting reversed. The Dalit is at the top and the Brahmins, Thakurs, and Banias are to work under the Dalit leadership. There is nothing wrong in that, if it serves the nation and brings prosperity to the most deprived ones. It may not be relished by some, though they may not say that openly. However, the caste barriers must break and as the results of this election has shown, it is breaking. It would bring about a great revolution in the social structure and the integration, if Maya uses the opportunities with humility and shrewdness instead of vengeances. Any one watching the oath ceremony yesterday must have realized and appreciated that. The chair is important. The birth based status is not. The subordinates bow respectfully to the boss. It happens always in all private and public enterprises. Why should there be any apprehension in political field? I only wish Mayawati took some lessons from her past performances and shortcomings, and unnecessarily didn’t annoy the bureaucracy.

Daya: While this was happening in North, in South a family feud was asking for the head of a pretty efficient minister, Dayanidhi Maran. Maran in his letter to the PM said if his resignation made the Karunanidhi family happy, he was ready to quit, and quit he did. Neither Karunanidhi nor the PM thought even for a second what all the sane people of the democracy would think of this immense injustice done to a young efficient and performing minister of the central (not state) government. And why was Daya made to resign? Dinakaran, the Tamil daily owned by Daya’s elder brother (not Daya) published an opinion poll on Karunanidhi’s potential successor- M.K.Stalin or M.K.Azhagiri. The survey in Dinakaran showed Azhagiri way less popular than Stalin. Azhagiri supporters in Madurai attacked the offices of the publication that led to three deaths. Daya was made the villain attempting to break the unity of Karunanidhi’s family. But many say that success of Maran brothers in business and their popularity among the central leadership have made Karunanidhi’s sons insecure and perhaps too jealous to go beyond the expected rational approach. Dayanidhi, by the way, is son of Late Murasoli Maran who was Karunanidhi’s nephew and also a central minister.

Are these not the greatest shades of Indian democracy evolving in last sixty years?

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