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Education and Nitish

Nitish boasts of his growth model. His education minister P.K. Shahi highlights the issue of poor quality of education. “Bihar is “sitting on volcano” and corrective measures must be taken to improve the system.” Nitish, an engineer by education, could … Continue reading

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Manmohan’s Era: Vote vs. Growth

I don’t blame Manmohan Singh. This government failed to do much during its last 9 plus years. It must be a great opportunity lost for a person if he is of a mental faculty of Manmohan Singh. But it doesn’t … Continue reading

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Himalayan Deluge:some views

Indian defence forces have completed the evacuation of pilgrims. As claimed, it was the biggest such operation by the forces. However ever, as it appears, we as nation have never learn any useful lessons and do hardly plan and take … Continue reading

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